Friday, November 17

whatcha got?

tomorrow i have a few people to audition. there were five but one woman has backed out. perhaps i scared her off with the outline of what i was looking for:

"the audition will be casual but please bring a copy of your cv indicating any performance training/experience. i'd really like to focus on improvisational skills and the ability to hold a "conversation" without having a second actor present. specifically, the character in my film is an actress who will flee from a performance and the camera will follow her as she tries to explain to the camera/audience why she can not say the lines that she has been given. she struggles with verbalizing the conflict inside her - anything goes."

it is a good sign when people send me professional headshots. over half of those interested sent just snapshots - one woman even sent me pictures of her on vacation!

hopefully a lead that kelly was sweet enough to suggest will pan out but for now it feels a little like slim pickin'z.


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