Wednesday, November 15

new cube.

my nine-to-five locale has moved from ontario to quebec.
good-bye ontario:

hello quebec:

not much different except the lighting seems to have changed, eh? well that's 'cause i now have a room with a view:

YAY! i got natural light (and a view even though these pics beg to differ).

a few other things of interest: there is a meditation room on our floor, i've already been asked to join the social committee and in an effort to reduce the amount of trash (wait, canadians produce garbage, pardon me) our waste receptacles are tiny. nice.

and i just got a quote for my equipment rental (well, most of what i need to rent) for my one-day shoot next month: $2,000! i think my D.O.P. (director of photography) thinks i'm rolling in it.


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