Friday, November 10

a moment (working title).

i shot one of five parts of this other film i'm working on. i need direct sunlight in order to shoot and mr. sun does not seem to want to co-operate. at 100 bucks/per minute (and i'm just talking about the film stock - processing/transfers are extra) i want to make sure the light is right. the price certainly isn't.

i'm hoping to shoot sometime over the next few days as i've half a roll of film sitting in the mag and it can't stay there forever.

and i visited my sister's studio last night after watching the torturous night of the living dead 3D. definitely one of the worst films I have ever seen. 'nuff said. i will say that not only was the jennfarr studio tour exciting but also chocolately - she served a chocolate hazelnut tea along with a chocolate stout cake (a test-run of a decadent dessert that she plans on feeding my film crew). lucky them!


Anonymous Oms said...

Wow. That movie was so bad (definately the worst ever) that I'm sure the director was going for the cheesy "50s w_hor_e_ror" effect. I mean come on the 3D wasn't any better even worse than in the fity's. Thankfully your sis's heavychoco deluxe cack saved the night.

11:03 AM  
Blogger [ b ] said...

.mmm. we luuuv cack!

4:51 PM  

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