Sunday, November 5

door of perception.

that's a director's chair. seems suitable as this is where i'll be shooting my film. inside and out. so hopefully the snow will stay away until the shoot (tenatively booked for sunday, december 10th).

it snowed a bit this morning but most of it has melted away. these wee flakes were getting cozy with this flower at around 8AM but that relationship didn't last.

so as i was kicking around behind my house (the "set") blocking my shots i decided to photograph this little guy as he *won't* be making a special appearance in my film. this is not my gnome but he is certainly a part of my backyard mise-en-scene. (yes dave, there should be an accent there).
actor update: i've had fourteen women show interest in playing the lead in my film. sounds like a lot but many of them don't seem suitable. i think i'll have to look around some more.


Anonymous Oms said...

Appropriate set for your new film @ your new home. Glad to be a part of whats going to be a fun shoot.

11:15 PM  

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