Saturday, November 18


i ended up only auditioning three women today as there was yet another cancelation.

i was very impressed with the one who didn't even respond to my ad (thanks for the recommendation, lee). hopefully the union will let us work together. i will post a picture of her once it is a done deal.

feels like my legwork is paying off.

Friday, November 17

whatcha got?

tomorrow i have a few people to audition. there were five but one woman has backed out. perhaps i scared her off with the outline of what i was looking for:

"the audition will be casual but please bring a copy of your cv indicating any performance training/experience. i'd really like to focus on improvisational skills and the ability to hold a "conversation" without having a second actor present. specifically, the character in my film is an actress who will flee from a performance and the camera will follow her as she tries to explain to the camera/audience why she can not say the lines that she has been given. she struggles with verbalizing the conflict inside her - anything goes."

it is a good sign when people send me professional headshots. over half of those interested sent just snapshots - one woman even sent me pictures of her on vacation!

hopefully a lead that kelly was sweet enough to suggest will pan out but for now it feels a little like slim pickin'z.

Wednesday, November 15

new cube.

my nine-to-five locale has moved from ontario to quebec.
good-bye ontario:

hello quebec:

not much different except the lighting seems to have changed, eh? well that's 'cause i now have a room with a view:

YAY! i got natural light (and a view even though these pics beg to differ).

a few other things of interest: there is a meditation room on our floor, i've already been asked to join the social committee and in an effort to reduce the amount of trash (wait, canadians produce garbage, pardon me) our waste receptacles are tiny. nice.

and i just got a quote for my equipment rental (well, most of what i need to rent) for my one-day shoot next month: $2,000! i think my D.O.P. (director of photography) thinks i'm rolling in it.

Friday, November 10

a moment (working title).

i shot one of five parts of this other film i'm working on. i need direct sunlight in order to shoot and mr. sun does not seem to want to co-operate. at 100 bucks/per minute (and i'm just talking about the film stock - processing/transfers are extra) i want to make sure the light is right. the price certainly isn't.

i'm hoping to shoot sometime over the next few days as i've half a roll of film sitting in the mag and it can't stay there forever.

and i visited my sister's studio last night after watching the torturous night of the living dead 3D. definitely one of the worst films I have ever seen. 'nuff said. i will say that not only was the jennfarr studio tour exciting but also chocolately - she served a chocolate hazelnut tea along with a chocolate stout cake (a test-run of a decadent dessert that she plans on feeding my film crew). lucky them!

Sunday, November 5

door of perception.

that's a director's chair. seems suitable as this is where i'll be shooting my film. inside and out. so hopefully the snow will stay away until the shoot (tenatively booked for sunday, december 10th).

it snowed a bit this morning but most of it has melted away. these wee flakes were getting cozy with this flower at around 8AM but that relationship didn't last.

so as i was kicking around behind my house (the "set") blocking my shots i decided to photograph this little guy as he *won't* be making a special appearance in my film. this is not my gnome but he is certainly a part of my backyard mise-en-scene. (yes dave, there should be an accent there).
actor update: i've had fourteen women show interest in playing the lead in my film. sounds like a lot but many of them don't seem suitable. i think i'll have to look around some more.