Sunday, October 29

pooky night.

there is a special place in my heart for all hallows' eve. being that i was given life the day before this fun-for-all-ages holiday is likely the reason i have such fondness for costume parties.

last night i mingled at a pretty good one. look, that's me with borat!

quite a few people thought my costume was a rental but i put this puppy together the day of the party. $10 bucks on underwear, $20 on boas and six bucks worth of glittery adornments. the rest was stuff i already had. but didn't get enough pictures of it. that always seems to happen.

my sister on the other hand spent *days* creating her amazing zombie cyclist costume. again, i wish i had a better picture of it.

she's an artist too..can ya tell?

Friday, October 27

152 auditions.

i've been quiet over here. i don't want my blogging to take away from producing the other artwork that should be priority. but i want you to know that i thought about you often while i was away. i promise i won't leave you like that again - at least not without warning.

so you might think that after my two weeks of silence i must have got a lot of work done on my many projects. nope. nothing tangible that is.

but i did place this add in a local arts paper and made a few other calls for talent elsewhere as well. so far i've had four women contact me - one looks promising. well, at least she's got good hair.

Sunday, October 15

two hours with julie.

i waited *months* to spend this time with her.
our meeting was rescheduled three times.
when i finally got to see her she hurt me.
and i paid her to do it.

but i'll never forget it because what she did is permanently etched into my skin.

afterwards i brought my ouchy body art to a community fundraiser.
there were free lime green boas for everyone!

i had donated one of my photographs to be a part of the silent auction so it was fun to monitor the mini bidding war that slowly grew.

it seems that i have more photos than words to share.

Thursday, October 12

what was.

who the heck removes the wee bits of art people post for public consumption? well there is someone in my hood who's ruining the fun for everyone.
exhibit A:

in this case the art remover obviously wanted to taunt us with what was.
then there is exhibit B:

this bank machine displays the clean removal of a handmade sticker that once proclaimed, "you look really nice today". when i first discovered it it made me smile. tonight its absence made me pout.

Monday, October 9

when night is falling.

i'll be off for the next seven days. off from the work that pays my bills. but i have other work to do. i'm waiting to hear back from this woman's agent. it has been almost a week so i might have to start looking at other actors. where the heck to begin?

not to mention the other two projects i need to shoot in the next six weeks.

i'm shooting for the moon. and hopefully i'll land among the stars.
stars like mme. bussieres..

Sunday, October 8

vintage expansion.

check out the cute cameras my mom brought me back from england. my vintage camera collection basically doubled in size with the three (yes, only two are pictured) she just gave me.

this cute, boxy number is called the duaflex and started capturing moments in time in the 1950s. I *could* modify some of the film i'm preserving in my freezer and get it to fit inside. but nah.

and this little guy is the kodak vest pocket camera. this camera was made in the 1920s and I'd run a roll of film through it if they still made it.

oh, and for those of you committed to my blog you have problably figured out that this was not posted on thanksgiving.
you smart cookie you.

Wednesday, October 4

peeping tom.

i love looking into people's windows. tonight i saw someone painting a canvas. he was doing it right in-front of his front window which had no coverings whatsoever. some people want you to look into their world.
so i do.

when i first saw this large projected image i thought it was someone who wanted to share their tv viewing habits with everyone in the city. how kind. a passerby seemed appreciative as he was yelling for all to hear just as his team scored a goal. i was more interested in the commercials. they are facinating to watch without the sound.

i took this photo one hour ago. since i always have so many parcels in tow (three today) you don't need to look into my window to look into my world. just look at what i carry.

Monday, October 2

a new genre.

i used to make horror films. and i used to watch a lot of them as well. but this was before i was a filmmaker.

well it is time to get back to my roots. i'm joining the k 63 crew.

i snapped this as i biked home from meeting with some of the other k 63 people.

i feel this will be a project separate from my "art" films. the two shorts i've shot using DV have been personally pre-classified as just fun seems i am creating two film portfolios: one in which i can obtain funding and send the finished product to festivals and another is a readily growing batch of fun stuff that rarely gets screened but is a hoot to make. maybe that makes me multi-dimensional. or unfocused.

so i've been asking myself what i find truly frightening. sharks. zombies. the end of the world. what scares you?