Saturday, September 30

this is dedicated to the ones i love.

yeah yeah yeah, everyone's got a blog. so what's my reason for starting one? well i got three main reasons really: jhen, sandeep and van. these are three of my closest friends who have respectively moved away from my city/country/continent so this is my attempt to stay connected to them. their absence has inspired me to try and reach out to them and others (possibly *you*) more often. plus i have a new computer that i am in love with. we're bonding.

never in my life have i had as many methods to get in touch with folks but it seems it just becomes more difficult to stay connected. so here is another means but hopefully more a effective one. "hey guys, this is what is up with me...and you?"

i got my first comment on my first entry of my first blog (merci, paul)! in response i have to say that i do feel there are quite a few pics of me being that there were only three at the time the comment was posted and i am represented in two of them. but ask and you shall receive. here's one of me this morning as i wandered outside my backdoor hoping to capture some of the early morning splendor. my camera could not see the splendor, but i did.

i love and miss you all.

Thursday, September 28

lucky number seven.

i premiered a new film last night.
tiny venue. and so very warm.
i could reference the heat of the screening room when my flushed cheeks were noted. but it was really my nerves. i can tell you that sharing your work with people doesn't seem to get much easier with experience. this was the seventh film i have premiered and even though it was the shortest to date (2:45) it was also the most personal. no wonder it isn't getting any easier.

FYI the above photo is of my sister's empty wine glass. a post-screening celebration if you will. the black & white image you see here is the promotional artwork created for this new film of mine.

and the film? it was very well received. time to start working on number eight.